1:1 SM.A.R.T. Coaching

1:1 SM.A.R.T. Coaching

How do you plot a course for reaching your dreams and aspirations in a world where the rules are changing constantly? How do you deal with an environment in which the factors that affect your life are seemingly beyond your control?

Key to overcoming life’s obstacles and living in Kingdom Authority is knowing recover your spiritual identity.

If you are ready to take action and commit to pursuing spiritual growth, my SM.A.R.T. (Spiritual Maturity, Accountability, Realignment, & Transformation) coaching program on “Unmasking Your Spiritual Identity” is designed to walk you through the process and accelerate cultivating the truly intimate relationship God wants to have with you.

This year-long coaching engagement is designed to produce maximum results in minimal time. When you combine alignment with the Holy Spirit with precise implementation, you get rapid transformation!

The SM.A.R.T. coaching program is designed to help you as a believer:

  Process your choices and decisions through the lens of ever-increasing intimacy with God
  Uncover and release the Lord’s purpose for your life and the dreams He’s planted in your heart
  Discern and fulfill what God has uniquely placed within you
  Challenge the barriers that prevent you from operating at higher levels of capability
  Move beyond any physical and spiritual limitations you’re facing
  Be more sensitive to leading of the Holy Spirit
  Stay properly focused on what the Lord wants to do in your life

  • Does Coaching Really Work?

    A significant majority of the most successful people have coaches. Whether in life, business, or ministry, even at the peak of their careers, people who seek to accomplish great things continue to use coaches to help them achieve more. If you are ready to grow to a greater level of spiritual maturity, it may be time to consider a coaching program to assist you in the process.

    The Lord desires for us to grow spiritually and He has given us what we need. With the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, you are empowered to overcome sin and steadily become more like Christ.
    My coaching objective is to help believers who have not known how, or have not been able, to fully embrace what it truly means to be a Christ follower… in life, in business, and even in ministry. I help you develop a Kingdom mindset to clarify what God is speaking to you and discern what it means to “walk it out” on practical terms.

  • Spiritual Growth Is A Choice

    There’s an old saying: “Sitting in church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car.” You have to be intentional about following and allowing the Spirit of God to transform you. Transformation doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice. When you combine alignment with the Holy Spirit with precise implementation, you get rapid transformation!

    The difference between staying where you are indefinitely, and moving forward to realize your potential, is all about listening to the Lord and taking action. Coaching is the right place to jumpstart your spiritual life or take it to the next level.
    Every day you wait can cost you.
    Jesus said we would have trouble in this world but that we shouldn’t worry because He had already overcome it. In life, there are always going to be ups and downs. What if you could learn how to make the “up” times last — and minimize the “down” times? What if you could be a positive force in the world instead of just another negative drain?
    God has a greater purpose for your life than you’ve probably been living. One of my goals is to help you achieve the spiritual growth you’ve been missing so that you can accomplish what He has set for you to do… faster and with fewer setbacks. Working in partnership with the Spirit of God, I offer programs built on Biblical principles to deliver results that assist in initiating transformation “from the Throne of Heaven” to create change from YOUR inside out.

  • What My Coaching Delivers

    I work with believers who are seeking something “more” in their relationship with God; who do not feel they are where they want to be spiritually: People who know the Lord but have a nagging sense that something is missing; people for whom God’s power in their lives seems to be small or inconsistent; people that always struggling with problems that loom bigger than His presence.

  • Here’s What We’ll Focus On

    Spiritual Identity – You have an identity given by God. The more you cultivate your personal relationship with Him, the more your spiritual identity becomes established and the more of His Kingdom is made manifest through you.
    Key to living your life in the power of God is knowing your true identity in Christ. When you learn who you are, the knowledge itself has the power to lift you up and establish a sense of divine self-worth. The power of who and what you know yourself to be in the Lord unlocks capacities and heavenly resources beyond your imagination.

    Spiritual Maturity – Once you know and accept who you are, then the process of growing in grace truly begins. You will learn about the wealth of inheritance Christ really left you and unlearn the falsehoods and religious dogma that have been holding you back. As you grow spiritually, and your identity becomes more firmly established, more of the Kingdom of Heaven is made manifest through you. Throughout the process, the Holy Spirit you transforms you, altering your countenance to reflect more and more of God’s glory and goodness.
    Kingdom Authority – Jesus has graced you with authority and power to bless others, combat the enemy and advance the Kingdom of Heaven in this life. You have a legal right to bind the devil, but functioning in power requires stepping into the provisions of God by faith and fully aligning yourself with the Holy Spirit… exactly what you’re learning to do as you grow spiritually.
    Supernatural Empowerment – While learning to walk with Holy Spirit and embrace your spiritual identity, you’ll also discern how to wield power and authority in the name of Jesus and everything you say and do will take on a new dimension.
    These supernatural manifestations of spiritual maturity will extend into all areas of your life and your spheres of influence, bringing a fresh perspective of the Word of God and breathing new life into your divine relationship with Him. This won’t just affect you positively, but to the world around you as well, lifting up Jesus and presenting Him to others as He truly is.

    Through this year of intensive coaching and Spirit-led guidance, together we’ll clarify your God-given purpose, equip and empower you to operate in ever greater Kingdom authority, and build confidence in knowing the Lord will always go before you.
    The fact is, you have everything you need to succeed but you may not be living up to your potential.
    This SM.A.R.T. engagement will help you become more sensitive to the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit for discoveries and insights. It is focused on your spiritual development and its success requires an active response to the Spirit’s prompting.
    By becoming more sensitive to the Spirit, you’ll cultivate a more intimate and direct relationship, putting your life into closer alignment with God’s purpose.
    At the core, I’ll be working to help you cultivate — from a Spirit-led, Bible-congruous perspective — a direct, more personal relationship with God. The Lord intends for each of us to be intimate with Him through the Spirit, not to build usurping or competing relationships around a denomination, church, or religion.

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