Business Coaching

I am also a part-time Business Coach who advises from the “anti-CEO Playbook” perspective. The principles that have guided American businesses for the last 40 years have tattered and frayed. It’s time for the anti-heroes of the executive suite, people who take a different path, to set things straight.

  • Business Coaching

    Business is stewardship. Conventional wisdom says it’s all about profits, money, and shareholders. And much is sacrificed for the lack noble leadership: factories, communities, jobs. In order to maintain success, businesses need to take care of their employees first. The proper coaching can put you as a business owner right with your people and your community, you will be more innovative, more profitable, and have more passionate people working for you and a community that supports you.

  • Marketing Coaching

    At its core, marketing is about communicating a message to a target audience. Unless you know how marketing works and how to present your product or service, your chances of succeeding are minimal. That said, not every business owner needs a marketing coach. Some merely want a little guidance and a “push” in the right direction when they get stuck, others prefer to have a ready resource that can advise them, one that they can trust and consult with each step of the way.

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