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Direct Primary Care is gaining momentum. I’m a fierce advocate who’s determined to help primary care physicians and healthcare professionals practice medicine that make a difference in people’s lives. Both in my company and outside of it.

If any of the following applies to you, contact me.

  You aren’t practicing medicine the way you feel you should. It’s not turning out the way you thought it would be.
  Your medical career and your personal life are out of balance. You spend far more time at work trying to keep up than with your family building memories.
  You always feel like you’re behind schedule with several more patients to see before the day is over.
  You spend your days rushing from patient to patient and most of your “downtime” catching up on documentation.
  Insurance companies and bureaucratic red tape are driving your practice more than your own desire or decisions.
  You’re on the edge of flaming out, if you haven’t burnt out already.
  You’ve lost the passion that made you want to be a doctor to begin with.
  You’re checking boxes working for the insurance company instead of advocating for your patient.
  You never really thought about opening your own clinic, but you’re working so hard for someone else that you’re now considering working for yourself.


  • My viciMD Direct Primary Care Practice

    Over the last 3 decades, doctors have increasingly lost ground to the point of being told how to practice medicine by outside entities. Physicians have seen their ability to treat patients as they see fit greatly diminish along with their ability to earn a decent living or create a suitable, balanced lifestyle.

    Our society has literally relinquished all control to companies and organizations that make more money as costs go up. So really, it’s no surprise that our healthcare delivery system is out of control, too expensive and unsustainable. (Yes, this is an oversimplification, but the truth is much worse than you might think.)

    The solution is a “back to basics” model of subscription healthcare paid directly to a primary care physician who has the time and resources keep patients healthy.

    I’m looking hire and partner with PCPs (in Texas and Colorado) who are interested actually practicing medicine as opposed to performing triage for large corporate health systems and insurance companies.

  • Your DPC Practice

    As a Direct Primary Care doctor, you already agree that healthcare should be affordable, patient-centered and evidence-based, not one where maximizing profits is the primary goal. DPC is a cure to the ailment of high-cost, low-quality healthcare that plagues our country.

    The success of DPC doctors lies largely in their ability to market and promote themselves effectively in order to attract a sustainable roster of patients. I can help you do just that. I work with independent doctors to help them grow and acquire patients for their practices.

    Building your practice by word-of-mouth can take a lot of time and effort because marketing it can be hard to leverage effectively.

    My “Touchstone Marketing for DPC” consulting engagement starts with a demographic assessment of the area or community you serve, then I’ll work with you to create your story for the audience. Next, we evaluate or define your practice branding, before articulating the right target message through a wide spectrum of communication channels including: FB Messenger, SMS, Email, Modern Direct Mail, Geo-Fencing / Retargeting, and more.

    Touchstone uses this multitude of channels to tap into prospective patient’s mindsets and motivations in order to engage them. Through this broad scope, we connect with them and entice them to take action.

    So, the first question I have for you is, “How many patients can you handle?”

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