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Keynotes & Talks

The finances of millions of working Americans are hemorrhaging from the sky-high and ever increasing cost of healthcare. We’ve been conned for decades and our wallets have been drained as corporatized healthcare and the “medical industrial complex” has enriched itself at our expense. But socialized medicine isn’t the answer. I am out to expose the reality of the situation and offer a viable path for individuals, families, employers, and doctors to take back control.

  • The Sad Reality

    Healthcare costs have been rocketing out of control for decades. The cost of health insurance has continued to rise while the quality of primary care has gone into a downward spiral. Every day more and more Americans are losing the ability to pay for healthcare — even if they have health insurance.

  • The Patient’s Predicament & Doctor’s Dilemma

    Though wages have barely kept up with inflation, with a paltry 26% rise since 2008, annual deductibles are rising eight times faster, with a 212% increase in the same period. From 2010 to 2015 alone, out-of-pocket spending for people with employer-provided health insurance increased 52%.

    If the situation for patients is pathetic, the outlook for physicians has been even more bleak. For years, doctors have increasingly lost ground to the point of being told how to practice medicine by outside entities. Primary care physicians have been regulated to being cogs in the wheel, devalued employees with no job security, while they watch business executives enrich themselves from their efforts.

  • The Industrialization of Medicine

    The corporatization of healthcare and the and intrusion of market forces in the practice of medicine are bankrupting the American healthcare system. The transition of primary care practices to large groups, and corporations paved the way to industrialization, with large health care organizations managed primarily by business executives and accountants.The inexorable result was the most important consideration became profit and the bottom line, as opposed to the needs of the patient.

  • How To Escape The Trap

    Fortunately, there’s a revolution afoot that is bucking and gaining ground against the traditional delivery system. There are alternatives that provide substantially better, more personalized, and far more affordable healthcare coverage than the high-priced insurance packages the public are being offered.
    A growing number of forward-thinking physicians are opting out the ranks of the traditional, status quo and are moving to more effective healthcare practice models.

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