SMART Coaching

Your relationship with God matters. More. Than. Anything.

Intimacy with the Lord is the key to realizing your spiritual identity, maturity and walking in Kingdom authority.

My SMART (Spiritual Maturity, Accountability, Realignment, & Transformation) life coaching programs are designed to guide you in cultivating the intimate relationship God wants to have with you and accelerate your spiritual growth. Working from a Holy Spirit-inspired, Bible-based perspective, you’ll develop the direct, more personal relationship with God He intends and longs for.

This program is not about learning another denominational doctrine or religious dogma. It’s about pursuing a deeper, more direct, intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit..

I’m on a mission to help believers who seek to develop stronger faith, increased spiritual awareness, and Heavenly perspective so that they can walk with the Lord in increasing confidence.

SMART coaching programs are designed to help you as a believer:

 Gain understanding from the Holy Spirit of who God really is and what He truly wants
  Process your choices and decisions through the lens of ever-increasing intimacy with God
  Uncover and step into the Lord’s purpose for your life and the dreams He’s planted in your heart
  Discern the gifts that God has placed within you
  Challenge the roadblocks and barriers that prevent you from operating at higher levels of capability
  Move beyond any physical and spiritual limitations you’re facing
  Be more spiritually sensitive
  Stay properly focused

  • Does Coaching Really Work?

    If you are ready to grow to a greater level of spiritual maturity, it may be time to consider a coaching program to assist you in the process.

    The Lord desires for you to grow spiritually and He has given you what you need. With the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, you are empowered to be an overcomer and steadily become more like Christ.

    My coaching and mentoring objective is to help believers who have not known how, or have not been able, to fully embrace what it truly means to be a Christ follower… in life, in business, and even in ministry. I help you develop a Kingdom mindset to clarify what God is speaking to you and discern what it means to “walk it out” on practical terms.

  • What Kingdom Coaching Delivers

    I work with believers who are seeking something “more” in their relationship with God; who do not feel they are where they want to be spiritually: People who know the Lord but have a nagging sense that something is missing; people for whom God’s power in their lives seems to be small or inconsistent; people that always struggling with problems that loom bigger than His presence.

    In almost every case I’ve dealt with, we find that at the core of the problem is a misguided and unhealthy focus on  religious dogma instead of pursuit of an intimate relationship with the Lord.




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