Problem Solving

Problem solving is the most important ability I have. It’s born from a wide range of experience in diverse industries including financial, medical, entertainment and energy sector. From software development to design and implementation of global networks, this broad range of experience forced me to develop wider perspective and critical insight on a practical level.

What do you do when you have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to do, but have no clear sense of how to get there? How do you proceed when the only information you have to go on is rumor or speculation? What do you do when you’ve heard that somebody else is doing something new or different? How do you respond when others are telling you that you’re falling behind?

Let me share something with you. It’s the first of “Three Fatal Assumptions” about trying to solve difficult problems that I teach my clients:

Fatal Assumption #1: The key to dealing with a problem or change and developing a solution is through acquiring more information.

The fact is, when you need a breakthrough it rarely comes through new knowledge. Why? Because looking at additional information from the same perspective still keeps you on the same road you’ve been traveling.

Here’s what I mean: The way you think is like a road you journey on. As it pertains to you, the landscape is your environment. You assess, reflect, make decisions, and direct your actions as you “drive the bus” from where you are to where you want to be, all along your established line of thinking.

What you need is not simply new information or knowledge, but rather a new perspective.

A shift in perspective — seeing what you already “know” from new angles — is what leads to the discovery of new roads and paths. A narrow perspective limits your thinking. The more perspective you have, the more accurately you see your situation.

With a new perspective, you make discoveries about your situation. Once you see with “new eyes” and gain increased perspective, you’re more likely to develop the insight it takes to discover breakthrough solutions.

This is how I do what I do.