Team Coaching

How do you plot a course for achieving your organization’s goals and objectives in a world where the rules seem to be changing constantly? How do you lead or inspire people in an environment in which the factors that affect your business or ministry appear to be beyond your control?

To be successful, groups, departments, even entire organizations require intentional, well-communicated, synchronized efforts to attain their objectives.

Team coaching can turn any group of dedicated individuals into a cohesive group of people by organizing them to effectively communicate, empower, and work together to meet the needs of your organization by guiding them to effectively collaborate and work towards a common objective together.

Directed interaction with one another is often as important – if not more so – than interaction with a coach. Guided correctly, team members find the process more comfortable and “less on the spot”, giving each person more time to reflect, integrate, and articulate their insights with peers.

Team members benefit from:

Improved communication and conflict-resolution skills
  Working toward common goals
  Positive effect of social facilitation
  Increased awareness of psychodynamic processes within a group
  Development of support and trust within the group
  Shared wisdom of the group
  Heightened emotional intelligence
  Better self-understanding

  • Does Team Coaching Work?

    Team coaching has many benefits, not the least of which is the ability to strengthen team bonds and improve collective awareness within a company or organization. Attending sessions with peers expands each individual’s cognizance of the “bigger picture” as well as their personal contribution towards an objective “greater than themselves.”

    Team coaching is not “team building” as the latter is perceived by most people. Team coaching is more of a hands-on workshop that informs, trains, and organizes your staff or employees empowering them with the ability to strengthen their working bonds and improve collective awareness. It is an excellent method for helping peers expand each other’s cognizance of the “bigger picture,” and more clearly appreciate every individual’s personal contribution towards an objective “greater than themselves.”

    Team coaching is not “team building” as the latter is perceived by most people. It is a workshop designed to teach members to fully utilize their strengths and skills, enhance communication between themselves, and properly assess whether or not they are effectively working as a team.

    And if not, how to best correct the situation.

    My team coaching objective is to help business and ministry leaders who have not known how, or have not been able, to fully embrace what leadership means… in order to get the most. I help you develop a Kingdom mindset to clarify what God is speaking to you and discern what it means to “walk it out” on practical terms.

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