“Give me any believer who feels like they don’t fit the church mold or can’t find their spiritual footing, and within 6 months they’ll have discovered a renewed joy in their journey with Jesus, acquired an unassailable sense of belonging in the Lord, and be firmly rooted in a direct relationship with God, free from religious dogma and bondage.”

SMART Group Coaching Program

Spiritual Maturity, Accountability, Realignment & Transformation

As a coach and mentor, I work with believers who sense they are not where they want to be spiritually and are seeking something “more” in their relationship with God.

My objective is to help you get your head out of “religion” and your heart into the direct, intimate “relationship” with the Lord He intends and that you were created to have with Him.

SMART coaching is a “fast-track” program designed to produce maximum results in minimal time, an accelerated model for achieving the spiritual growth you’ve missed out on so far. You get rapid transformation when you combine alignment with the Holy Spirit with precise implementation!

This year-long journey together will help you discern your spiritual identity, gain greater spiritual awareness, perspective, and insight and clarify your God-given purpose so that you can function with clarity and increasing confidence in the Lord to fulfill what God has uniquely placed within you.

Here’s What We Will Cover In This Unique 6-Month Spiritual Growth Coaching Program…

  1. Salvation Is The Starting Block Not The Finish Line
  2. Cultivating A Real Relationship With God
  3. Discovering & Embracing Your Spiritual Identity
  4. Cultivating Divine Intimacy
  5. Shedding The Weight of Guilt & Condemnation
  6. The Gospel & The True Good News: Forgiven, Accepted, & Covered “As Is” By God
  7. The Error Of Religion Over Relationship With God: How We’ve Misled By The Church Model
  8. Why “The Church” Lacks Supernatural Power & Authority
  9. Spiritual Transformation vs Behavior Modification
  10. Overcoming “Believer’s Burnout” (And How To Avoid It In The First Place)
  11. The Reality And True Meaning Of Repentance
  12. Our Complete Assurance of Salvation
  13. What True Worship Of God Really Looks Like Intimate, Passionate, Awe-Inspiring
  14. Breaking The Curse of Perpetual Infancy (Stagnation): Encouraging & Sustaining Spiritual Growth In Your Life
  15. Embracing Sonship & Jettisoning The Orphan Spirit / Mindset
  16. Finding True Joy In Your Journey With Jesus
  17. Fostering A Sanctified Imagination
  18. Resonating With The Holy Spirit
  19. Advancing The Kingdom of Heaven On Earth Is Not Bringing People To Christ But Christ To People
  20. Extending Divine Mercy, Grace & Love To The World Around You
  21. Learning How To Read & Understand The Bible Effectively
  22. The Leaven of Herod: Exposing The Invisible Atheism Of Self-Reliance
  23. The Leaven of The Pharisees: Unlearning Religious Dogma & Form Without Power
  24. The Leaven of God’s Kingdom: Rising Above Fear & Circumstance
  25. Experiencing & Engaging God In Your Everyday Life: How Every Problem Is An Opportunity To Know Him Better
  26. Bearing & Manifesting The Fruit of The Spirit In Your Life
  27. How To Know What God Wants From You & For You Specifically
  28. Walking In Christ’s Power & Authority Daily
  29. How To Become A Conduits Of Heaven: Extending Miracles, Deliverance, & Healing To The World Around You
  30. Seeing Through The Lens of God: Gaining & Maintaining A Kingdom Perspective vs A World Viewpoint
  31. Cultivating A Kingdom Ethos of Alignment, Authority, & Power

Don’t settle for a superficial, impersonal, “religious” relationship with God. It is time to move into impassioned intimacy with the Lord and get to know Him as He truly is and who He wants to be for you. It is time to gain clarity about Jesus that is only born from personal experience so that you can truthfully declare the full Might and Majesty of Christ with confidence.

If you have a nagging sense that something is missing in your relationship with God, if His power in your life seems to be small or inconsistent; if you feel like you’re always struggling with problems that loom larger than His presence, SMART coaching is exactly what you’ve been searching for!

People desperately want to know the truth about what God is really like. Every week I receive comments about how my podcast and social media posts are advancing them in their relationship with Him:

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SMART Coaching (Group)

``Get Intimate With God``

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