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“I assist CEOs in navigating technological disruption for their companies. It’s my job to help you assess new challenges, gain deeper insight and develop your business intuition, as well as uncover additional strategic and tactical options, by thinking in new ways and from different perspectives than you have before.

“You need to lead in a way that allows your company to foster innovation and respond to the new market dynamics. You have to know how to adapt your business models to capitalize on the fast and dramatic changes that are occurring. Because if your company isn’t the disruptor in your industry, it’s the one being disrupted.”


Will The Decisions You Make As CEO Today Be Relevant For Your Company Tomorrow?

Imagine that running your company is like traveling a road on the way to a desired outcome or destination.

The landscape is your business environment.

You assess, reflect, make decisions, and direct your company’s actions as you journey from where you are to where you want to be.

Unfortunately, the landscape has changed and it keeps changing.

The milestones and landmarks you previously used to navigate are no longer as dependable as they once were.

You’re falling behind and it’s getting harder to reach your destination as disruptive forces continually grow stronger and batter your business.

Only it’s not your imagination…

It’s already occurring.

“Two-thirds of CEOs believe that what will happen in the next three years will be more critical to their industries than the last 50 years.”

– KPMG, US CEO Outlook 2016


The lines that once separated industries, companies, technologies, and customers are quickly vanishing into history.

Disruption isn’t the future, it’s here. Now.

How do you deal with a myriad of issues you’ve never had to confront before?

In order for your organization to survive you have to anticipate, reimagine, and continually reinvent your business.

Because if your company isn’t the disruptor in your industry, it’s the one being disrupted.