About Xavier

“What does any of this have to do with Information Technology, Business, or Governmental Compliance?”

I am a believer first and foremost. I know that God has not only blessed me, but blessed my clients and employers through me through me.

By vocation, I am also a “professional geek” who has been working in Information Technology (while “dabbling” in marketing) for more than 40 years. (I started young, LOL!) My experience includes work in the financial, medical, entertainment, energy, and now defense industries. I’ve created and managed processes, programs, and systems that get the job done.

I’ve successfully addressed a diverse range of challenges from software design and development to hardware adaptation and implementation by learning to adopt a wider perspective on the issues. This approach has given me critical insights that have contributed to my business successes.

I have worked extensively in the large corporate sector, as well as in a number of upstart business ventures. More than a few of the latter failed not because they weren’t good ideas, but because the principals involved knew nothing about how to reach intended audiences.

In these cases, while I was able to achieve desired technical results, too frequently I aligned myself with parties or partners who knew little about promoting, advertising, or selling their wares and those opportunities faltered.

While marketing wasn’t what I was hired for in these early cases, I eventually realized that if I was going to be part of a successful enterprise, marketing was something I was going to have to learn. So just as I’d done with computers and technology, I dove in, buckled down, and began to educate myself.

To put it succinctly: In the course of my work, I became what one of my former corporate bosses called, “a ‘gun-slinger,’ a world-class problem solver.”

Unfortunately, in time it became evident that simply having a solution to a problem is not enough. The “fix” has to be effectively communicated to people who are affected and implemented at all levels.

This taught me the #1 inexorable business lesson: You can have the cure for cancer in a bottle, but if you can’t convey what you’re holding to the people who need it, you have nothing. All you’ve got is a vial of chemicals that no one is interested in and it’s not worth anything.

So, as fortune would have it, I’m now using my skills to help secure America’s Defense Industrial Based (the DIB) by educating, assisting, and empowering DoD contractors and subcontractors to meet security and compliance regulations. At DTC Global I work alongside one of the best, most dedicated and well-educated teams in the United States to help DIB members assess new challenges, meet federal and agency requirements to protect our country – not to mention their businesses, from very real, persistent and determined threats.

It’s a mission I’m passionate about.

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