About Me

From the tender age of five, Xavier LeMond has nurtured an extraordinary bond with God, one that often transcended conventional church understandings and teachings. While he initially underappreciated this unique connection, it became clear over time that his spiritual experiences were genuine glimpses of the heavenly realm.

Many strive for the depth of intimacy Xavier naturally shares with God, yet few achieve it. This profound connection has enabled Xavier to guide countless individuals toward clarity and understanding, even before he donned the official title of a coach. His innate gift for discerning truths has been a beacon for those seeking to navigate life’s challenges with a divine perspective.

Xavier’s approach empowers individuals to recognize God’s omnipresent role in their lives, illuminating just how tangible and invested the Lord truly is in every facet of their journey.

Beyond his spiritual guidance, Xavier has carved a successful path in the business realm, lauded for his innovative problem-solving skills. Many have dubbed him “The Gunslinger” for his uncanny ability to identify and tackle challenges head-on. But behind the corporate accolades lies the secret of his success: the wisdom and discernment gleaned from his unwavering relationship with God.

Throughout his life, Xavier has often prioritized personal purpose over professional pursuits, seeking deeper meaning and alignment with his divine calling.

Today, inspired by his deep connection with the divine, Xavier is dedicated to helping others cultivate their own personal relationships with God. The transformations and growth witnessed in those he coaches stand as a testament to the profound impact of a genuine connection with the Lord.

“When people are not empowered to discover their identity and pursue their destiny in Christ, then they are not being discipled but used. They are not sons being fathered, but servants being given a job to do.”

Graham Cooke
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