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Business Consulting for Primary Direct Care & Concierge Medicine

Xavier LeMond is an Executive Business Coach to Independent Physicians and Sole Practitioners. Specifically, he helps his clients to:

* Make their healthcare practices more profitable
* Make their vocation more personally fulfilling and rewarding.
* Achieve a better work / life balance.

Xavier works with medical doctors to identify options, assess, and possibly create or convert their practices to business models that effectively serve their interests, objectives, and patients better, that is, as a priority — rather than as a secondary function of Insurance companies.

He’s on a mission to help physicians strengthen their practices to provide better healthcare coverage and believes they are the true backbone of our country’s health services. His goal is to help them be as successful as possible.


“I assist physicians in navigating the US healthcare coverage landscape for their practices by helping them develop better business intuition and leading them to think from different perspectives.

“As a physician, you need to be allowed to operate your practice as you see fit in order to best your patients. This means mitigating the influence of insurance companies and having the ability to adapt how you do business to capitalize on changes in society in order to remain effective and relevant to the community you serve.

“The traditional way of providing and paying for medical services has been broken for decades and isn’t serving you or your patients effectively. The current system is fouled up and has done little more than create ever-increasing hardships on both sides. This can’t be sustained.

“As a doctor, you have options, but you’ll need to seek them out.”


How To Escape The Healthcare Coverage Catastrophe

Special Report by Xavier LeMond

A revolt is brewing. More and more Americans are losing the ability to pay for healthcare — even if they have health insurance. Costs have been rocketing out of control for decades and insurance compensation rates have continued to drop for physicians. Doctors have been forced to see an increasing number of patients per day.

For years, doctors have increasingly lost ground to the point of being told how to practice medicine by outside entities led by insurance companies (and followed closely by politicians and bureaucrats). Physicians have seen their ability to treat patients as they see fit greatly diminish along with their ability to earn a decent living or create a suitable, balanced lifestyle.

It's a deteriorating environment on both sides of the fence as individuals and organizations have begun to piece together better solutions for their own healthcare coverage needs, while an increasing number of primary care physicians are "opting out" of the traditional, insurance-centric practice model.

Learn what you can do to avoid the carnage and position your practice to benefit from the changes that are coming.

“Love what you do. Do what you love. Practice medicine the way you were meant to.”

Which of the following descriptions apply to you?
  You aren’t practicing medicine the way you feel you should. It’s not turning out the way you thought it would be.
  Your medical career and your personal life are out of balance. You spend far more time at work trying to keep up than with your family building memories.
  You always feel like you’re behind schedule with several more patients to see before the day is over.
  You spend your days rushing from patient to patient and most of your “downtime” catching up on documentation.
  Insurance companies and bureaucratic red tape are driving your practice more than your own desire or decisions.
  You’re on the edge of flaming out, if you haven’t burnt out already.
  You’ve lost the passion that made you want to be a doctor to begin with.
  You’re checking boxes working for the insurance company instead of advocating for your patient.
  You never really thought about opening your own clinic, but you’re working so hard for someone else that you’re now considering working for yourself.


“If you're thinking about operational possibilities for your practice, contact Xavier. Talk to him.”

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