The path to God isn’t the Holy Scriptures themselves, nor in the rituals you perform. Those things provide guidance and support to the direct line to Him that lies within you.

This intimate connection is your birthright, something Jesus emphasized as the “abundant life” (John 10:10). But for many, life’s noise drowns out this divine channel.

God, however, always ensures there’s a way to rediscover Him as He truly is, not just as told by others.

And there are no “preconditions” other than your willingness and desire to know Him.

Your past, your mistakes, your journey—none of that distances you from Him. In every moment, He’s ready to guide, heal, and transform you.

The fact is, intimacy with God is the catalyst that molds you into the person He envisioned. As it is written, “God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished…” (Philippians 1:6).

You are a work of art, God’s magnum opus (Ephesians 2:10). Still evolving, still refining. At the heart of your metamorphosis is a genuine conversation with Him, an open opportunity to align with and receive wisdom directly from the Holy Spirit.

To truly align with the Kingdom of Heaven means shedding outdated beliefs and doctrines that stifle your spiritual journey. It’s about cultivating a profound connection with God so that you can understand your divine purpose, and draw strength and resources directly from Heaven.

Yes, your true spiritual identity is waiting to be embraced.

I’m Xavier, your Kingdom Alignment Coach. Let’s journey deeper together.

Discovering Kingdom Alignment

It’s a myth that your divine mission is simply to “be good” now so that you can get into Heaven later. Instead, it’s about uncovering your true spiritual identity and bringing Heaven to Earth.

Kingdom Alignment is coming into recognition of and resonance with your direct channel to God. It’s about establishing a two-way dialogue deep from within you. Through that relationship, you partner with Heaven, allowing the fruits of the Spirit to manifest in you.

Envision yourself as a conduit for the Lord’s pure love, compassion, and grace, lighting up the world with His majestic presence and furthering His Kingdom here on Earth.

Being in Kingdom Alignment is about continuous harmony with God’s Spirit, understanding the Father’s intentions, and embodying the Christ-like consciousness.

This isn’t about changing behavior—it’s about a profound inner metamorphosis that far eclipses traditional notions of “church.”

Unlock the key to Kingdom Alignment, and you unlock the ability to genuinely mirror God’s true essence throughout your life. You have vast untapped divine potential to channel more of His grace, mercy, love, and glory than you ever realized.

Are Your Ties To God Feeling Strained or Nonexistent?


• Have you ever desired a truly personal, direct bond with God, unsusceptible to other’s judgments?

Does church seem to present more barriers for you than bridges to a genuine connection to Him?

• Are you nursing wounds from past toxic church experiences?

If any of these questions resonate with you, know that a deeper, genuine, and direct relationship with God — the one you were truly destined for — is within reach. You have an inherent connection to God that is meant to elevate and empower you, not limit and bury you beneath layers of doctrine or dogma.

Often, Christianity is boxed as a mere religion often stemming from limited human understandings and interpretations of divine interactions and the Word. Though initiated with the best of intentions, they remain, inherently, imperfect and incomplete.

Worse, human institutions have often mangled this divine connection into rigid religious frameworks, substituting intimacy with God for impersonal doctrines and ideologies.

But God has always had a perfect blueprint for your relationship with Him.

Remember this: Jesus didn’t arrive to craft a new religion. The modern “church” has evolved into an entity that is, in some ways, far from His original vision.

Pleasing God has, for many, been reduced to behaviors, appearances, and rule-following, to gain divine approval.

Yet, God is not in the business of mere behavior adjustments. He seeks deep, transformative change. Through the Holy Spirit, God doesn’t tweak the old you; He completely renews you, crafting a “new self,” one that mirrors Christ’s character — a transformation only possible through direct personal engagement with the Holy Spirit.

Unfortunately, traditional religious pathways often blur or even block our precious, innate connection to God. Christ’s mission was not merely salvation, but also to restore that lost link between us and the Divine.

Centuries of religious detours have mistakenly prioritized behavior over genuine spiritual rebirth, sidelining many from the joy of the Kingdom and leaving countless without the divine guidance in this life that is rightfully theirs.

But, there’s a brighter path ahead.

Within you lies a divine compass to rediscover your connection with the Creator. All it requires of you is a willingness to engage with God and perhaps the shedding of accumulated layers of misguided teachings.

Discover Your Divine Potential

Xavier LeMond

Kingdom Alignment Coach

For many believers, a yearning exists for a deeper spiritual connection. They feel there’s ‘more’ waiting for them in their bond with God.

If you’re among them, I’m here to guide you toward realizing your spiritual identity, uncovering your immense worth in God’s eyes, and helping you define your God-given purpose in this journey we call life.

My coaching moves away from the constraints of ‘religion’ and leans into the reality of a direct connection with God — the authentic relationship you were born to embrace.

As your Kingdom Alignment Coach, my mission, in harmony with the Spirit of God, is to help you achieve three transformative goals:

1. Shed Religious Limitations: Break free from the chains of dogma that have, for too long, kept you from soaring spiritually.
2. Foster Direct Dialogue with God: Understand and utilize the innate divine connection God has bestowed upon you.
3. Fully Realize Your Spiritual Identity: Let God guide your path, influencing every facet of your life, from personal relationships to career ambitions.

If this is what you’re looking for, we should talk.


In addition to my focus on Kingdom Alignment, I am a proud God Talks™ Certified Coach.

Crafted by Ed Rush, God Talks™ offers an innovative way to strengthen your bond with the Almighty, irrespective of your religious background.

With Ed’s gracious consent, I’ve tailored the God Talks™ methodology to better cater to my client’s unique spiritual journeys. Specifically, during the second phase of our Kingdom Alignment Coaching, we’ll dive deep into this adapted framework where: 

  • You’re going to learn how to ask God questions about your life, business, or purpose.
  • You’re going to get answers from God.
  • And then you’re going to use those answers to recode, reshape, and transform your life.

Many attempt to bring about change in their lives through self-driven efforts or by being bound to religious doctrine, rather than embracing the means and resources God readily offers.

My coaching approach is transformative and impactful through the Holy Spirit, producing results in record time. This isn’t a testament to my capabilities, but rather, a reflection of God’s plan and the profound influence of the Holy Spirit.

Kingdom Alignment Coaching is merely an expressway to bridge the gap between your current spiritual state and becoming harmoniously in sync with God. God Talks™ is a simple process that will show you how to instantly break through any obstacle and create abundance in your life.

By the time we’re done, you’ll feel more energetic, more vibrant, and more alive. Your relationships will be better, stronger, and more meaningful.

And you’re going to reconnect with an old Friend.

His name is God.

Personal Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey in my Kingdom Alignment coaching program, tailored for those seeking a deeper, more profound bond with the Lord. Guided by insights from the Holy Spirit and rooted in Biblical wisdom, I’m committed to nurturing that direct and heartfelt communion with God that He yearns for you to experience. Let’s unlock the spiritual life you were born for.

Virtual Teaching

For those who find strength in solitary exploration, my “Get Intimate With God” Self-Guided Study is your compass to rapid spiritual evolution. Crafted for maximum impact in minimal time, this 21-day plan promises a transformative experience of spiritual identity. Dive deep, overcome past hurdles, and set your spirit free on a path of divine connection and revelation.

Public Speaking

Seeking a speaker to elevate your next event into an unforgettable experience? Look no further. I don’t rely on one-size-fits-all speeches. Instead, each presentation is tailored under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, ensuring relevance, resonance, and enduring impact. Gift your audience an encounter that’s inspiring, resonates deeply, and leaves a lasting impression.

Who Kingdom Alignment Coaching Is For

While my coaching services are open to a wide spectrum of spiritual seekers of diverse faiths and religions, I primarily cater to two distinct groups within the Christian community: the “De-churched” and the “Mis-churched.”

De-churched Individuals: These are souls who may have once found solace in the church but felt compelled to leave. Their journey within church walls was marred by feelings of exclusion, judgment, and, in some instances, deep-seated wounding and hurt. Disenchanted by their experiences, many have vowed never to return, seeking a more genuine connection with God elsewhere.

Mis-churched Individuals: This group remains affiliated with the church but grapples with a sense of spiritual emptiness. The teachings they encounter often feel superficial, failing to align with the deeper “Truth” they innately sense. Sadly, many in this category bear the weight of misconstrued teachings and guilt, clouding their understanding of God’s genuine nature.

Both of these groups are the unfortunate byproducts of misguided religious doctrines and beliefs.

It’s important to acknowledge that while churches have offered solace and guidance to many over the years, they have also injured and damaged a lot of people.

Why? Embedded within the very foundations of some Christian institutions are numerous elements that drift from God’s original intent. That’s all it takes.

While this may not overshadow the positive contributions of the church, it does call out the need for introspection, recalibration, and reconsideration of the institution itself.

As you pursue your own spiritual growth, properly aligning with the Kingdom of God is crucial. This alignment attunes your mindset to the Spirit of Wisdom, empowering you to differentiate between authenticity and deception and to discern good from ill in every dimension of life.

And in today’s world, where many are adrift without direction, this guidance is more vital than ever.

Interested In Coaching?

If you’re drawn to kingdom alignment coaching and are interested in joining my clientele, please follow these steps: click the button below, complete the brief application, and book a 15-minute discovery call where we can find out if we’re a good match for each other. I choose my clients with care to ensure we’re a good fit. 

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